quinta-feira, 12 de setembro de 2019

Thoughts about digital camera sensor in a world of smartphone cameras

Hi! This time i'm coming with thoughts about digital camera sensor in a world of smartphone cameras...
As an 1/2,3" sensor size camera user (Panasonic Lumix FZ300 bridge F2,8), i've come to the point that a bigger sensor would really improve my shooting.
FZ300 as the looks and size of a dSLR... but it's not.
It's an incredible bridge camera with a fast lens advanced features on a smallest sensor 1/2,3" sensor.

The thing is that i reached to a point where i've learned a lot with my bridge camera (but i'm still learning and improving about those limits that a 1/2,3 sensor has to it).
Why camera makers still produce cameras with this so small sensor size?

The 1" sensor size should be nowadays a standard for cameras in this era of cellphones with powerful AI multi-cameras.
Even cellphones have better aperture systems around the something of F1,8 or F2,0... and then we find that an entry-level 1/2,3 (digi)camera has only F3,6~F5. Cellphones even has sensors almost the same size of a digicam... so that's why smartphones can give great pictures and people just don't need anymore a digicam.

With that in mind, a digital camera needs to step way further than smartphones and the starting point is raising more his sensors and those 1" sensors (combined with F2,8 lenses, at least) are the nicest compromise deal for people see real benefits about having a camera again and not rely only with their phones.

In my case, what i've learned so much about my FZ300 is that i need something more and with bigger sensor because of noise. My sweet spot seems to be one of those recent Micro Four Thirds system which has evolved so much in a way that it rivals very clearly with APS-C systems (but I don't want those giant lenses and even if so then a Full-frame jump would be the real deal).

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