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MyJukebox: Geno Young - Honeydew [The Ghetto Symphony - 2004]

Geno Young
"Honeydew" (com Les Nubians)
[do "The Ghetto Symphony" - 2004]

R&B a tender para o neo-Soul... muito boa. Tinha no iTunes e esbarrei nela e já nem me lembrava desta... boa onda. Cool!
(Sim, realmente tenho mais música do que a noção que tenho delas todas na verdade, isto é cortesia SXSW...)

"Honeydew" - Lyrics (já a seguir):

She was Honeydew
Kissed by the Sun and beautiful, Strangely odd and tranquil alone in a crowded room
Here's this angel who's shining among mere mortals
Amidst she is standing, not floating inside my head.

If I could just say to her how she makes me feel
Would that be to forward of me
Should i sing her this song, or ask for her hand
would my words be the words she'd Overstand

Ooh Keep it sweet like honeydew
Ooh Keep it sweet like honeydew

Honeydew walked in my direction
My thoughts needed collectin'
i don't know what i was expectin'
But these words she spoke to me

She said honey (do) u wanna build with me a paradise
Your thought process seems really nice
and i've think we've met somewhere before

So now where do i put my hands
I need to clear my throat
and just breathe....and count to 3
So now what do i say, And now what do i do
since my heart is makin' plans for me

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