quarta-feira, 23 de dezembro de 2009

Perian... actualizado para 1.2 e agora amigo o Snow leopard)

O Perian... um utilitário gratuito para o QuickTime em OS X, que há tempos atrás recomendei... e que foi actualizado este mês para a versão 1.2. Tudo isto para dizer que este utilitário agora também já é amigo do Snow Leopard (parece que não dava no 10.6).

A lista de melhoramentos desta nova versão, é brutal:

1.2 - Wednesday, December 17, 2009

Matroska cover art is now imported as iTunes cover art
Video tracks now have their colorspace set based on the size of the video
Mac OS X 10.6/Snow Leopard compatibility fixes:
QuickTime Player 10 refused to open some files due to missing type identifiers
Worked around 96khz HE-AAC audio tracks not playing or playing noise
Extended Front Row subtitle hack to cover 10.6 and reduced its ugliness
Worked around re-encoding files with subtitles not working
Worked around some MKV embedded fonts being incompatible with 10.6
Fixed RGB HuffYUV video displaying black bars over the video on 10.6
Now compiles under Xcode 3.2
Using a debugger on a process with Perian loaded printed warnings about missing files
Fixed decoding of WMA audio tracks
Fixed a crash in LoadExternalSubtitlesFromFileDataRef
Fixed some VobSub video tracks displaying with wrong colors
Better support for tracks with delayed start times
Fixed MPEG1/2 in Matroska playing out of order
Fixed a crash opening files while they were being downloaded
Fixed some top-aligned subtitles being too low
Vertical text is re-enabled and works somewhat better

Site do Perian, clicar aqui.

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