quinta-feira, 23 de julho de 2009

Mas afinal qual browser é o melhor? IE, Firefox, Safari ou Chrome?

Mas afinal qual browser é o melhor?

Num artigo realizado pela Electronista, que nos propõem um embate entre o IE, Firefox, Safari e o Chrome, tenta-se saber isso.

Percebe-se no final que não há um claro vencedor pois cada browser tem a sua vocação mas há um que ficou muito mal nos testes, em último lugar e vencido com muita distância.
Todos os testes foram feitos num PC a rodar Windows XP...

Deixo aqui alguns excertos das conclusões:

"Disappointingly for those who'd expected a clear leader, the final results were a draw; Chrome and Safari both won two sets of tests. Firefox was perpetually middling and came in third place in half of the tests while reaching second place the other half, never completely winning any one test. What left little mystery was Internet Explorer's habitual lack of performance. It consistently came in last place for each of the tests and was by far the worst performing browser in the Acid3 test."
"Chrome and Safari shared the top spot for a reason: they consistently took top ranks in our speed tests and are both a pleasure to use. They may have garnered less than 5 percent of the global browser market, but they're both excellent browsers that deserve more. Either is very lightweight and has an extremely simple user interface that gets out of the way when possible. If you haven’t tried one of these browsers before, we would highly recommend giving one or both of them a go for a solid week -- though Mac users will likely have already spent their fair share of time with Apple's software, which can't be said for Windows users and Chrome."
"Between the Acid and JavaScript testing and our real world usage tests, we can say without a doubt that we would recommend virtually any of these browsers other than Internet Explorer. We didn’t design this article to bash against Microsoft, but their product truly is second class compared to the competition. Firefox is great for those that love add-ons, and Chrome and Safari are both very high-speed but also low-frills." (...)

Os que têm apostado mais no Safari e no Chrome são aqueles que estão mais bem servidos.
Já o Firefox tem sobrido imensas evoluções para ser cada vez melhor mas parece-me que está a ganhar o síndrome do Internet Explorer...

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